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How Can I serve?

Manna House

The second Tuesday of each month, our team gathers to provide hot meals and smiles to those who need a practical display of God’s love in their lives. Led by Gene Beaudin, this team meets at 1408 G Street in Brunswick from 9AM – 2PM to serve. Can’t stay for the entire event? Even taking a sixty minute lunch break to give back is a blessing to our community!


This FLC Mentorship team rolls out every other Saturday in the Purple Bus to pick up students, love families, and provide food, games, and teaching from God’s Word. Led by Pastors of FLC, this team is growing, thriving, and changing the landscape of Glynn County!

Additional Ministries

FLC Youth Team
Hospitality Team
Environmental Team
FLC Kids & Nursery Teams

Everyone Can Serve

These are two examples of the many areas of service at FLC. Each ministry listed could be a fit for you! Please contact us for additional information.


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