Bernadine Young

She makes relationships via social media look easy!

Bernadine leads the Internet Campus from her home in San Salvador, El Savador by leveraging social media to connect with both attenders and Servant Leaders that make the online services a reality.

Bernadine’s passion is to see people being plugged into the life of a healthy church so that they can be fully developed. When Bernadine made the decision to follow Jesus after graduating from New Mexico State University, her life changed drastically. She realized that her life could be more than a race for materialistic gain and could make a global difference.

She has served in various churches across the United States in areas such as Guest Services, Sunday School, Student Ministry, Children’s Ministry and Pastoral Care.

She enjoys serving at Family Life Church because it was a place of spiritual growth for her and her family when they lived in Brunswick, GA.

Bernadine and her husband Martin, have three children: Blane, Spencer and Dennissa.